Prime Residential Properties within KMC Area, Athiriver Town, Machakos County

Title : Mavoko Municipality Block 8/7 & 8, KMC Area, Athi River Town, Machakos county

Location : Located next to each other 160 metros South East Of Mavoko Secondary School And 445 Meters North Of Kanaani High School Within KMC area, Athi River Town, Machakos county, Approximately 32,3 From Nairobi City..

Co-ordinates : Plot No. 7: 1°27’31.29″S, 36°59’15.80″E’ Plot No. 8. 1°27’31.59″S,36°59’15.66″E.

Size : Plot No 7. 0.0118 hectare or 0.292 acres. Plot No 8. 0.0128 hectare or 0.0316 acres.

Infrastructure :Plot No.7  is a commercial cum residential corner plot, almost rectangular in shape with near level gradient. The soils are black cotton type while boundaries’ are partly marked by barbed wire/G.C.I sheets on timber posts to the west neighbor’s building line to the South and open elsewhere. Entrance to the plot is via single leaf GCI sheet gate.

Plot No, 8 is a commercial cum residential plot, rectangular in shape with a near level gradient. The soils are the black cotton type while boundaries are marked by neighbor’s building line to the three sides and left open to East. Entrance to the plot from road is via a single leaf GCI sheet gate provided on plot No.7 since they are jointly built.

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